Relaxation Massage

What is a relaxation massage? This type of massage is exactly what it sounds like: a time for your body to be completely relaxed and calm.  Reducing stress and pampering yourself with a little TLC are the goals of a relaxation massage.  Most people are on the go all day, every day, and rarely take time out for themselves.  A relaxation massage is a perfect way to give yourself a break from the daily stresses of life and revitalize yourself for your next challenges.


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Before your Massage:

  • Drink plenty of water the day of your appointment
  • Chat with your massage therapist about painful areas and concerns
  • Use the restroom to prevent distractions from the massage
  • Undress to your level of comfort, as the massage therapist will use a sheet to keep you covered


During your Massage:

  • Breathe deeply and smoothly
  • An aromatherapy oil may be offered to put you in a more relaxed state
  • Long, soothing strokes will be used to rub your stress away
  • It’s ok to chat during your Relaxation Massage, however you may choose to simply enjoy in silence
  • No worries if you fall asleep during your relaxation massage


After your Massage:

  • Your relaxation doesn’t end when you get off the table
  • Drink more water to stay hydrated
  • It’s ok to take a nap!
  • Don’t be in a hurry to rush off to your next task. Enjoy your relaxed state of mind!


A relaxation massage has many health benefits which may make your daily stresses disappear.



Merci massage is a wonderful place! I have had massages for many years! The benefits have been outstanding. Less pain, increased mobility and range of motion.  Madeleine is a gifted woman.
I highly recommend regular massage for a better quality of life.  Thank you Merci!


Whether you’re an older adult dealing with chronic pain or an athlete ready to step on the field, MERCI Massage is ready to help you take that next step.


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Your muscles will say merci beaucoup.

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