Older Adult Massage

Older Adult Massage

Older Adult Massage

As we age, the cartilage between our bones may become thinner and weaker which can reduce mobility. This causes pain in the joints, as well as making simple things such as walking, sitting down, standing up, bending over, etc. more painful. MERCI Massage, with locations in Canton and Redford, has a highly-trained staff that can help people of all ages gain mobility at an affordable cost. A massage will help relax the muscles around the bones, reducing aches and pains as well as stiffness, and improve mobility for the active Senior! Simply put: if it hurts, a massage can make it better!


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Mobility for My Elder


It’s hard to watch Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa struggle with daily activities such as sitting and standing. Aging can be cruel to the body, but massages can help ease that pain, and at a great price! Regular massages may even reduce other costs associated with pain reduction. After receiving a massage from one of MERCI Massage’s highly trained, qualified staff, watch Mom and Dad’s mobility improve along with their quality of life.


Massages help with these problems, and more!


  • Arthritis- because of the pain with movement, we often see joint stiffness and decreased range of motion. Regular massages can help someone feel better overall and specifically improve mobility.
  • Kyphosis- this is when your upper back starts to come out. Not only can this cause significant pain, it can also reduce mobility and flexibility.
  • Neck pain- there are about 50 muscles from the neck up. Any tension can bring on neck pain. If you cannot turn your head all the way, let us help you move better.


Most importantly, when you go to MERCI Massage, whether in Canton or Redford, you know you’re going to be in good hands. Madeleine Dechy has been massaging clients since 1997, and she knows how to make the pain go away! Her staff is highly trained and hand-picked by Madeleine; she trusts them all to be professional and well-mannered, just like her! So if you’re having joint pain, neck pain, or arthritis, let the experts at MERCI Massage help you gain mobility!



I have been getting massages once a month for a long time.  It sure helps all my tight muscles. I always feel so much better after my massage. I play Tennis and go to exercise class every week. I am a very active person and I am 78.  I always sleep better after my session.  I would highly recommend it.
Sharon Granowicz


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