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Maximizing performance, reducing injuries, and improving recovery time are all benefits of sports massage therapy. MERCI Massage’s expert therapists can help competitive athletes and weekend warriors alike be more flexible, agile, and active with routine sports massage therapy.



Injury Prevention and Recovery


The best defense is a good offense many coaches say. At MERCI Massage we believe the best defense is prevention. Regular massages will help to keep overused and often agitated muscles from flaring up and pulling a competitor out of the big game. Preventative sports massage therapy is an excellent investment into the long term health and effectiveness of athletes in any sport.


Sometimes, injuries just cannot be prevented. We have all cringed after seeing our favorite athlete take a strange fall or hit the turf with excessive force. We hope and pray that they heal quickly so they can get back in the game. Sports massage therapy from the experts at MERCI can help with healing and recovery time. A sports massage focuses on the strained muscles or injured area to increase blood flow, reduce tension, and allow the body to improve its curative capacity.



Sports Massage Therapy


Why do professional athletes warm up before the big game? Because they need to get their body loose and ready to compete, of course. Regular sports massage therapy can help keep your muscles in peak shape between games or practice, therefore allowing your body to perform at maximum output when the time comes. Sports massage therapy includes specific techniques that target specific muscles used in athletic endeavors. Different muscles are used for golf, hockey, baseball, basketball, football, soccer and so on. Our therapists will deliver precisely the right technique targeting the muscles used in your activity of choice. Sports massage therapy is a great addition to your training regimen and active lifestyle!


MERCI Massage provides sports massage therapy for competitors ranging from youth athletes to professional players, from weekend warriors to the full time competitors.



As a competitive natural body-builder, massage is a necessary part of my training routine. It helps keep muscles pliable, full of blood and aids in growth and recovery. Not to mention the great relaxing effect on your whole body and mind. Madeleine conforms to your personal needs.
Chris Russell, NPC Novice, 2nd Place Natural NGA Michigan, 1st Place Heavy-Weight Open


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