About MERCI Massage

Here at MERCI Massage, we provide the perfect blend of therapy and relaxation. With locations in both Redford and Canton, MERCI Massage was founded by owner, Madeleine Dechy. Madeleine loves to help people and has actively sought a team of massage therapists that share her passion and enthusiasm. MERCI Massage has experienced exceptional growth over the years by providing excellence in massage therapy and customer service that is second to none. When you find your passion, working every day doesn’t feel like work. Madeleine’s belief that customer satisfaction is the highest priority propels MERCI Massage into the company it is today.

Long before Madeleine opened the doors at the first location in Redford Township, she found that she had a knack for massage. For friends and family, Madeleine shared her gift. Along the way, encouragement to start a company and share these gifts became common. She invested in certifications and training to hone her craft. Above all else, Madeleine desired to learn more about massage therapy and the human body to improve her already developed talents. With the support of her family and faith, Madeleine took the jump and opened the doors to the general public. Madeleine attributes her success to God, the support of her family, and the referrals given by the satisfied customers who come through her doors.

Why Visit MERCI Massage?

Our mission is to provide a professional, peaceful, place of rest where clients can refresh, heal and find hope. MERCI Massage separates itself from the competition with its exceptional service and attentiveness to the customer’s desired outcomes.

  • Offering unbeatable rates, as low as $40 for monthly massages
  • Clients get the FULL hour on the massage table
  • Clients get bonus minutes after the 5th massage they receive as well as bonus minutes for each referral

When a new customer comes to MERCI Massage, time is scheduled to speak with one of our expert therapists prior to their first massage. As a result, each customer’s treatment is customized, giving the best therapeutic and relaxing experience possible.  People get massages for a variety of reasons: relaxation, mobility, sore muscles, lymphatic release, injuries, and more. From athletes to the elderly, expectant mothers to every-day Joes and Janes, MERCI Massage has a solution to help you become the best possible YOU.

Depending on location and what services you would like, our rates start at just $30 for a 30-minute massage!

Additional fees may apply for Senior Therapists

Earn Extra Minutes

Every 5th Massage = 15 Bonus Minutes
Refer A New Client = 10 Bonus Minutes

Cancellation Policy

48 hour notice or more = No Fee
12 hour – 48 hour notice = $10 Charge
1 hour – 12 hour notice = 50% Charge
<1 hour or No Call No Show = Full Charge

Meet Our Team

merci massage team

OWNER, Senior Level Massage Therapist

Howell High School and EMU alumna, her earliest memories are massaging her siblings; as the 9th of 13 children, she was off to a great start! Graduated with an Advanced Training Certificate from the prestigious Health Enrichment Center, she has 17,000+ hours of experience spanning three decades. When you meet her it will be evident that her passion still grows stronger and brighter each day. A former high school French teacher, she works in a beautiful massage room that brings Paris to you.

What does her favorite session look like? Madeleine enjoys the opportunity to hear your body’s story and then implement different modalities, depending on what she discovers, as her expert hands work through your tissues. Each customized massage is a unique combination of science and art. As one client puts it: “Madeleine’s massages are like snowflakes, no two are ever the same.” As her anointed hands investigate, it might sometimes feel more like relaxation, at other times you will breathe through the work, or you will be an active participant with active releases. She encourages and educates on the importance of receiving regular, thorough, full body sessions (scalp to fingers to toes), which is the most effective for preventive maintenance and the management of chronic pain and stress. She specializes in pain management, treating headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder pain, and in preventive maintenance.

As a wife, mother of five, business owner, active in the business community and in her local community, Madeleine is a true example of how getting regular massages and taking care of oneself is one of the best ways to take care of others and to be the best version of you!


CANDY, Senior Level Massage Therapist
Fiercely devoted to all she values, her clients become friends, and her friends become family. An exceptional therapist, with over 10 years experience, she specializes in deep tissue, lymphatic drainage and overall relaxation. Her favorites are Swedish and cranial work for migraines. In her spare time, she dances and enjoys listening to a plethora of music genres. Her favorite pastime is spending time with her seven year old son. She chose to do massage to better the body and soul naturally as it has been a passion of hers since she was in high school. During the intake, you will feel her heart before she even lays hands on you; and once she begins, you will be transported to another world. Whether you choose blissful relaxation or her steam-roller deep tissue, when you return back to earth you will be ready to face the world!


SHELBY, Senior Level Massage Therapist

Sun shining and sea shells at the ocean… stepping into the massage room with Shelby is the start of your mini vacation. She has a professional level certification in Medical Massage for neck and upper extremities for pain and posture. Dedicated to improving her skills, Shelby is continuously training and earning more certifications, so she can better help your body be the best it can be! She will be extending her modalities to Advanced Medical Massage for lower extremities for pain, Thai Massage, and Advanced Sports Massage. Being an athlete herself, she knows all full well the demands that our body goes through to perform at peak potential. She enjoys reading, spending time with family, volunteering her time to her community, and coaching youth sports. So get ready to enjoy your mini vacation with Shelby where you will step out of the massage room refreshed, rejuvenated, relaxed, and restored!


CRYSTAL, Senior Level Massage Therapist
This New York native is crystal clear in communication. Let her know what your goals are and she is certain to provide you with the perfect combination of therapy and relaxation. Crystal’s specialties are deep tissue, prenatal, sports, stretching and Swedish. When she’s not in session, you can find her leading a very active life, and she loves to travel! Travel on over to MERCI Massage and let Crystal clear the way for your brand new days, so you can enjoy this world to the fullest!



STACEY, Senior Level Massage Therapist
Dynamite comes in small packages! Dedicated to delivering the perfect combination of therapy and relaxation, you are in great hands with Stacey. With some aromatherapy to start your transformation, from her deep tissue to relaxation, hot stone to lymphatic drainage, stretching you out if you so desire, from stress knots to stress free… start living life with a fresh new hope to face your days, by letting Stacey bring you the healing that comes from a therapeutic massage.




Her heart has been wanting to help heal people since she was five years old, so you know she is in the right profession. And when you do what you love, it’s not even working. Maria’s first language is Spanish, so she especially enjoys being able to communicate with others in her native tongue. Her specialties are hot stone, lymphatic, myofascial, reflexology and relaxation. You will feel her fire and focus for providing you the very best massage experience. Her clients say: gracias Maria! for changing their lives!


GUINEVERE, Esthetician

A place of peace and relaxation, with the smooth massaging hands and warmth of essential oil’s, applied to your face and neck in a candlelit room, with a stress relieving foot soak. Massaging your scalp to have naturally strong, beautiful hair, feel good down to the soul! Soothing music and the aroma of essential oils that make you feel relaxed and energized for days. So come enjoy Guin’s Serenity Room.




Are You a Licensed Massage Therapist and would like to join our Team?

We offer flexible scheduling and growth opportunities. We are searching for just the right dedicated therapist to add to our Team and would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you. CONTACT US HERE



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